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From A GMAT Prep Business To Running For President

If you only feel satisfied when you think you’re working on something big enough, you’re likely missing lucrative opportunities. It’s okay to dream big, but being preoccupied with whether or not you’re solving a big enough problem means you’re not actually executing.

In this episode we talk about Sergei’s old boss, Andrew Yang, and how he was able to become a millionaire after he stopped chasing big ideas that couldn’t be turned into sustainable businesses. This initial success later helped him work on even more audacious pursuits, like creating a national non-profit with Venture for America, and now running for President of The United States in the 2020 election.

If you want to hear us dive deeper into these topics, listen to Episode 68: How To Think Big While Starting Small With Praful Mathur and Episode 7: Becoming Unstuck – How To Finally Get Started.

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