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You Don’t Have To Be The Next David Letterman

Sure, David Letterman had his own hugely popular TV show that ran for 33 years. Yes, being one of the most recognizable personalities on the planet helped him quickly land a Netflix show shortly thereafter. But, David had his own issues, struggles, and obstacles. Even though he had one of the most popular shows on TV there were other entertainers out there that he was jealous of.

In this week’s 5 Minute Pick Me Up we think back to when we got the opportunity to sit in David Letterman’s old screening room earlier this year, and the feeling of excitement that we felt even getting to walk through the same halls as David, Stephen Colbert, and so many others. But, while acknowledging another person’s achievements or even being envious of them is natural, it’s not productive to dwell on it. In our episode we talk about how we all should focus on our own super powers, and why it’s important to remember that you’ll always have someone else to compare yourself to. Regardless of how successful you become there will always be someone else on a different level. Try to be grateful for your own accomplishments, and simply stay focused on yourself.

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