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The Power of Small Actions and an update to The Story of A Homeless Neuroscientist

This is a follow up to our recent episode titled The Story of A Homeless Neuroscientist and how one small act eventually resulted in a job offer. We often come up with reasons not to do something or to delay acting on an idea because of fear of failure or simply because we feel like we have other more important things to do.

Entrepreneur Naval Ravikant once wisely said “inspiration is perishable – act on it immediately.” Famous motivational speaker Tony Robbins uses the same technique to stay on top of the various business interests that he has. Whenever he’s in a meeting he makes sure to act on at least one thing that’s discussed immediately to insure that it gets done. This is because he knows from experience that if something is put off there’s a big chance it’ll never become a priority.

In this episode we discuss how you can apply the same ideas to seemingly small actions this week that can have very impactful outcomes.

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