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Sales For Founders 101: Closing The Deal

Always be closing. There’s a reason why this became a cult-like mantra in the sales world. It’s the hardest and most important part of the process. It’s also both the scariest and most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur and something that you can become addicted to once you get desensitized to facing rejection.

In the third and final part of our Sales For Founders 101 series we talk through the entire process of running a successful sales meeting, from how to structure the conversation to how to go for the close.

We discuss sales best practices like building rapport, conducting a needs analysis, identifying the pain, objection handling, and confirming the decision maker while also describing detailed tactical advice that can drastically increase your chances of closing a deal.

As always we give examples from our own sales experience while trying to provide you with scripted suggestions wherever possible to help you get started with closing your first deal this week.

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