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How Andrew Clark Turned A Small College Into A $120 Million Online Learning Public Company, Zovio

Online education has been around since the 1990s but when Andrew Clark decided to start a fully remote accredited college, students weren’t yet used to the idea of going to a school without a campus. His solution? Raise money to buy a small liberal arts school with a central campus that students could choose to visit any time, with the option to complete their education completely online.

In this episode we talk about Zovio’s origin story (formerly Bridgepoint Education) and how Andrew was able to convince a private equity investor to give him $20 Million to build his vision after knocking on doors to raise capital for over a year. Andrew proved his credibility with his decade long management experience at University of Phoenix and his profoundly forward thinking approach to education.

We discuss how his team created a highly sought after program by standardizing their curriculum and allowing students to enroll any week of the year, and talk about his outlook on the future of remote learning given the rapidly changing global environment that’s forcing all higher education institutions to move online.

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