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How To Get Press For Your Startup

Everyone wants to get press for their startup, but most founders go about it the wrong way. In this episode, we explore why some founders are so good at constantly getting written about and others struggle for years to get anyone to notice them.

Through hundreds of conversations with successful founders, and a few insights we’ve received from PR professionals over the years, we discovered a few basic principals that any company can follow to be more attractive to the media.

The first is to realize that “the media” or journalists, have jobs to get done, and if you can help them make their job easier, you have a much higher chance of getting their attention. And that number one job is to tell a story.

We break down some specific examples of how you can create a noteworthy pitch or story that journalists will want to tell, how to find exactly the types of journalists and publications that have a high likelihood of writing about you, and how to develop relationships with them over time. We also share some resources like Help A Reporter and PRNewswire, for founders who are just getting started and want to tell their story, but have not had time to develop relationships with journalists yet.

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