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How To Build A Fashion Marketplace With Billions In Transactions, With Mona Bijoor

If someone tells you “that’s just the way things have always been done,” then there’s likely a business opportunity there that no one has been brave enough to tackle yet. When Mona Bijoor was working in the fashion industry connecting apparel brands to retailers, she heard that phrase often. But she knew that offline handshake deals and orders placed via fax were going to be replaced by technology, it was only a matter of time.

The difference between her and most of her industry colleagues is that she set out to be the one to change this behemoth of an industry by launching JOOR in 2010, and ultimately growing it to billions of dollars in transaction volume.

But how does someone who has no experience building technology, let alone creating a marketplace from scratch, even know where to start?

In this episode, we got to hear exactly how Mona was able to convince brands to digitize their inventory exclusively on her platform, and eventually built it into a company with over 100 employees. We also dug into some of the stories that Mona shares in her new book, Startups and Downs: The Secrets of Resilient Entrepreneurs, of her struggles as a first time founder, and how she, along with the dozens of founders that she interviewed for the book, overcame them.

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