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How A College Dropout Ended Up Running A Sales Team At Google

Creating a successful career is very similar to building a successful company – your outcomes are directly correlated with your execution. This week we reflect back on a story shared by Daisy dePaulis, Head of Sales at Google Cloud, who was recently featured in a free online class at School16. Daisy worked at a restaurant after going to community college for two years when she decided that her time was more valuable than the hourly work she was doing.

In this episode we talk about how she landed a job at a tech company as an office manager, eventually moving to marketing, then sales, and how she developed her leadership skills in each role to rise to VP level early on in her career.

We also discuss how leaders are actually discovered within companies by being willing to take on new responsibilities, coming to others with solutions and not just problems, mentoring those that need help, and learning skills on their own time.

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