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How To Decide When You Have Too Many Options

One of the greatest misconceptions about career progression is that the consequences of our choices should always be predictable and linear. It’s this thinking that creates risk averse decision making for fear of irreversible outcomes, potentially closing you off to opportunities that could lead to something you can not yet foresee. Over the last few weeks we’ve had several people come to us expressing trepidation in making the right choice in the next step of their career. To help anyone else that might be going through this, we reshaped this question to three simple prompts:

1) What are the soft and hard skills you can learn to fill your own skills gap?

2) Where do you need to grow your network, whether it’s industry or expertise based?

3) Is this next step helping you level up in a measurable and significant way?

What should also help inform your decision is the understanding that most careers today are not linear and that the old way of deciding the next step in your career does not fit the model of the new economy.

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