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How Bobby Thakkar Built a 6 Figure Business While in High School

When Bobby Thakkar started Grupacity Consulting in his senior year of High School, he was able to attract customers like Uber, Redbull, Chanel, and Spotify within the first three months of business – all with zero marketing.

How does an 18 year old jack of all trades accomplish what many seasoned specialized professionals struggle to attain? By spending years meticulously building a network and a following.

It all started when a sports injury forced him to stop playing tennis 8 hours a day. Instead of retreating to his friends, or spending his free time playing video games, he decided to focus on growing professionally.

In this episode we uncover how he created a massive community of 25,000 people in his sophomore and junior year of high school, and the steps that he took to quickly create a profitable business before he even got accepted into college.

Show Notes

  • 2:50 Starting a business as a 14 year old
  • 4:15 How Bobby built a mobile app as a 13 year old
  • 5:50 Learning to find partners that complement your skills
  • 6:30 Starting a High School club called Second Gen
  • 8:10 Expanding to other schools and growing the community
  • 10:36 Focusing on opportunities instead of money
  • 12:00 Growing to 70 clubs and presenting at TedX
  • 15:30 How Bobby got better at public speaking
  • 20:00 Growing to over 200 clubs and 25,000 members
  • 22:43 Launching an agency leveraging the network that he's built
  • 23:35 Why Bobby learned more from startup clients than big brands
  • 24:20 Getting brands like Boeing and Spotify to pay attention to an 18 year old
  • 25:50 Digging into the numbers of the business
  • 27:06 How Bobby quickly got to 67% profit margin
  • 29:47 Making the decision to go to college
  • 31:00 The bold deal Bobby made with his parents
  • 34:00 Best practices for networking and building organic relationships
  • 38:16 How to make sure you don't have to do any marketing for your business to get clients
  • 41:32 How to stay motivated and continue to persist
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