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Public Speaking Techniques Used by Billionaires, Actors and Presidents

Some of the best public speakers in the world started off as shy and reserved presenters that had trouble captivating an audience. Contrary to popular belief, effective oration is a skill that can be learned and mastered by any personality. There are countless examples of leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi, Warren Buffett, and Abraham Lincoln, that deeply feared public speaking until they refined their skills through many failed talks, ultimately learning how to command the attention of any audience.

In this episode we walk you through our personal story of how we became effective public speakers and dig into specific steps that you can take to ensure that your next speech leaves a lasting impression.

We discuss techniques like storytelling and theme discovery to help demystify the anatomy of some of the best talks in history. We also share stories from billionaire entrepreneurs, world leaders, and professional actors to show exactly how they apply these rules in their own lives.

Show Notes

  • 1:52 Skilled public speakers are made, not born
  • 5:10 Sergei's story about bombing his first speech
  • 7:14 How we delivered a 7 hour lecture
  • 8:43 Always start with an outline
  • 11:30 Don't memorize your talk verbatim. Memorize themes.
  • 14:49 The importance of stories in your presentation
  • 17:40 How many times should you practice your speech?
  • 17:58 How Marc Benioff prepares for his talks
  • 19:19 How practice in speaking applies to acting
  • 21:34 How to combat nervousness
  • 23:28 Find a speaking style that fits you
  • 26:10 How improv can help you be a better speaker
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