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How To Create An Unfair Advantage

The best opportunities are often in the long tail where no-one is looking. This is one of the reasons why startups have an advantage over established businesses – unique strategies can be quickly tested at any time when there’s no oversight or rigid processes.

This week we talk about three stories of entrepreneurs that were able to create a seemingly unfair advantage resulting in accelerated growth. We reference a student that leveraged texting to reach parents, recap how Teespring (Episode 62) acquired their early customers, and tell you the story of how Tinder grew from 20,000 users to half a million users in one month.

The three main takeaways for this week’s 5 Minute Pick Me Up are:

  1. Be as specific as possible in defining how you will get in front of your customer
  2. Go where others don’t
  3. Leverage your unique domain knowledge or network to activate untapped channels
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