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How To Accelerate Your Career Like Kal Penn Of Harold And Kumar

Our brains are good at finding reasons not to do something, but what if going against your instinct completely changed the trajectory of your career?

In this week’s 5 Minute Pick Me Up we talk about the importance of squashing your own doubts to think more rationally about the potential impact of a new opportunity towards your future. We draw parallels between Vadim’s career transition to becoming a University Professor at NYU only two years after delivering his first ever lecture at State University of New York and Kal Penn’s decision to take a questionable role on a movie that ended up catapulting his career.

Sometimes great opportunities come disguised as smaller ones and even then they might not come too often. This is why getting into the habit of saying yes even when you’re full of doubt is important. You never know just how things could play out from that single decision.

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