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How Darrell Silver Of Thinkful Taught Himself How To Build Companies Part I

Most successful founders will tell you that you can’t build a company for the purpose of selling it, yet some entrepreneurs are able to successfully find acquirers for their ventures time and time again throughout their careers. After all, that’s one of the most common exit scenarios for founders and shareholders.

In this two part series we had the pleasure of sitting down with the founder of Thinkful, Darrell Silver, who sold his education company last year for $100 Million to Chegg, his second acquisition and second company that he founded in the last decade.

In Part I Darrell talks about what skills and circumstances he thinks attributed to him being able to start his first venture, Perpetually, and how years of networking with others in his industry led to a successful acquisition of that business at a time when it seemed like it was destined to fail.

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