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5 Minute Pick Me Up – Superior Auto Steam (Mack)

Here at The Mentors, we’re all about explaining how people just like us can go from having no experience, to running a successful company.

Today we’re launching a new series called 5 Minute Pick Me Ups.

One of the recurring themes on this show, shared by everyone from Max Altchuler, who just sold his company Sales Hacker to Outreach.io, to the Hey Lady shoes twins Emily and Jessica, and even to our story about our father, is that most people don’t get started with a fully baked brilliant idea for a business.

I want to share with you a story about a true entrepreneur, Mack of Superior Auto Steam, who I met this weekend who is motivating me this week with his lesson.

I found him when I was searching for car wash options in NYC for my classic 300zx, and he was the only hand wash service with a Yelp account.

Listen to hear why I will gladly refer anyone to him, and what I learned from him about running a business like this.

In 5 minutes you will:

Discover the NOTABLE SERVICE he provided,

Understand the NOTABLE CHANNEL he found to acquire customers

Listen for the MAIN TAKEAWAY from this interview.

-Sergei Revzin
Co-Host of The Mentors

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