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What We’re Working On During The Quarantine – Announcing School16

Entrepreneurs are not defined by their product but rather their ability to come up with an idea and bring people together to make it a reality.

Given recent events this week we decided to launch a new initiative to help people land jobs in more resilient and flexible industries, starting with tech. Starting in two weeks (April 1st, 2020) we will be launching a series of free live online classes to help people 1) understand the opportunities available to them in tech 2) learn how to develop soft and hard skills specific to the discipline they’re interested in 3) understand how to leverage their past experience to identify the industry they’re best suited for 4) learn how to rapidly build up their credibility to land interviews 5) begin to establish a network in their field of interest.

In this episode we discuss exactly how we’re executing the launch of this program, what we’re doing to grow awareness, and how other entrepreneurs can start to adapt to the changing environment we’re living through. If you’re interested in joining our classes or know someone else that would like to learn directly from leaders in tech, you can sign up here to get all future announcements https://school16.co

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