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Why Keeping Your Network Is More Important Than Growing It


How often have you thought to yourself “wow – I haven’t talked to her in forever?” We work very hard to meet new people and grow our personal and professional network, but it’s easy to forget to stay in touch with the people that we meet. Friendships, partnerships, and opportunities can only happen if you actually work to build meaningful relationships.

In this episode we discuss how we recently made it a point to reconnect with some of our old colleagues, friends, and acquaintances, and the immediate unintended benefits that can come from simply asking how someone is doing.

In this episode you will learn:

1) The importance of doing things and not expecting anything in return
2) Why you shouldn’t overthink things, and start reaching out to people that you’ve met
3) How to start acting towards reconnecting with people right away

This episode was inspired in part by Jordan Harbinger and Jordan’s lessons on relationship development.

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