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5 Minute Pick Me Up – The Uber Driver Entrepreneur With A Fleet Of 12 Cars

This week’s 5 Minute Pick Me Up was inspired by my Uber ride from the airport this morning when I was picked up by an ordinary gentleman that was secretly building an extraordinary business. The reason he was driving an Uber today? Market research.

I knew something was different about him when he started telling me that he never flies from LaGuardia airport. It turns out that he used to fly a lot for his job, which of course lead me to dig deeper.

I learned that he not only ran his own IT consulting business, but that he was starting a new driving service after hearing complaints from many of the Uber drivers he met.

In 5 minutes you will:

-Learn how he came up with the idea for his business
-Find out the first steps he took to research the market, and identify value before investing his own money
-Understand how he’s been able to attract customers, and his plans for growing in the future

-Vadim Revzin
Co-Host of The Mentors

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