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How To Use Your Existing Skills To Find Opportunities In A New Industry

The average age for a first time entrepreneur is 40 years old. Why? Because by then you’ve already developed skills and knowledge that can give you a massive competitive advantage over other people that are just starting off.

We spent most of this week at the Podcast Movement Conference in Orlando and wanted to share stories from a few of the speakers that we met that leveraged deep experience in one industry to create quickly growing businesses and brands in a different one.

The first story is about Hernan Lopez who built a career in TV at Fox over a 15 year period, to start a podcast network called Wondery that used the same approach to international expansions via partnerships to become one of the fastest growing podcast networks in the world.

Next we talk about Erica Mandy and how her start as a local news anchor and eventually a reporter at CBS gave her the confidence to start her own daily news show called The NewsWorthy quickly landing a partnership with PRX’s RadioLab.

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