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From A 7-Figure Event Business To A Global Leadership Training Company, With Claudia Chan of S.H.E. Summit Part II

Starting one successful business doesn’t necessarily make it easier to start another one. However, experienced entrepreneurs are more likely to be successful the second time around simply because they know how to push forward until they start to reach their goals, even if it takes longer than anticipated. In part two of our interview with Claudia Chan we discuss what gave her the idea of starting a women’s empowerment company and why this business was more challenging to build from the ground up than the business she started in her mid twenties.

We learn the importance of having a right hand man or woman from the onset and how Claudia was able to recruit this type of talent in the very early days of her company to make sure that she was executing on her goals.

As the business grew SHE Summit started to attract people from over 100 organizations and to date it has had over 600 speakers while reaching tens of thousands of people through the conference and hundreds of thousands of people remotely. Claudia also talks about how this created an even bigger opportunity to build a leadership program for organizations that are interested in prioritizing diversity and inclusion and why it’s so important to show others how leadership opportunities can be accessible to anyone that actively pursues them.

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