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How This Founder Is Building The Netflix Of Africa

If you really want something, don’t wait for all of the stars to align to get started.

That’s the moral of the story for today’s 5 Minute Pick Me Up about an entrepreneur we met from Ghana that’s trying to build the Netflix of Africa.

When he got the idea for this tech platform, everyone told him that he won’t get anywhere without a technical co-founder. He could have let that slow him down, but instead he focused on what he can accomplish right now.

In this episode you will learn how he:

  1. Outsourced the development of his technology until he found the right partner
  2. Convinced local producers to provide him with content
  3. Got a major distribution deal by focusing on what motivates a major corporate partner

We also discuss why sometimes finding the right market fit for your business simply means looking somewhere new, like a new geography or customer segment.

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