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Finding Focus During A Time Of Crisis

“Keep busy at something. A busy person never has time to be unhappy” -Robert Louis Stevenson. Today’s episode is inspired by a message from Naval Ravikant, prolific entrepreneur and investor. His observation states that the physical spaces that we, typically, navigate to and from every day – be it the office, school, church, etc. – are primarily there to keep us busy. When going through a difficult period an effective way to keep negativity at bay is to create an environment where there’s no time for it.

This week we share a story from an entrepreneur that was able to create purpose for himself during this crisis by raising funding to support a network of seamstresses that create masks and other PPE for medical staff in his area. During this time what you do decide to do is not as important as committing to doing something. That alone can drastically help ease the burden of the uncertainty we’re all feeling.

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