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What To Do When You Got 99 Problems

For our 99th episode, we’ve got 99 problems on our mind, and we wanted to discuss some of the ways Vadim and I have tackled seemingly insurmountable problems in the last few years.

In today’s 5 Minute Pick Me Up (okay we know it’s 10 minutes but shush) we describe the three quick ways to remove the burden of having big problems weighing on you.

First thing you can do is to Act Fast. Here we talk about the accounting problem that almost cost our business, and how we acted fast to solve it with our lawyers.

Second is to Cross Things Off by starting with the quickest and most fundamental next step in front of you, and here Sergei talks about how he was able to plan and execute an entire accelerator program just 2 months before it launched.

Third is to Be Solution Oriented. Especially in the workplace, no one wants to work with someone who just focuses on the problems. Here Vadim discusses how he was able to add value immediately at a startup he worked at by being the person who was willing to solve the CTO’s major problems.

Intro Lyrics to 99 (Business) Problems

If you got work problems I feel bad for you son

I got 99 problems, but my business ain’t one


I got the tax patrol on the cash patrol

Foes that want ta make sure my biz gets closed


Music Credit: Youtube: MakerOfAllMusic1DS

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