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How A Team Of College Students Launched A Rocket Into Space

Many successful founders of our time started their businesses as side projects while they were still in college. This is something that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg all have in common, among many others. But sending a rocket into space? That’s something that most college students can only dream to do.

In this edition of the 5 Minute Pick Me Up we tell a story of a group of enterprising college students from Princeton, NYU and Duke, who not only figured out how to design, and build a rocket with a completely remote team using tools like Slack, but were able to get the necessary partnerships and government approvals to legally launch a rocket in just one year.

That project has now led to a business opportunity that caused these students to take a leave of absence from school, much like the famed entrepreneurs before them. Listen to hear more about their incredible story. 

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