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What Happened When Our Venue Canceled On The Morning Of Our Event

We were all set to hold our conference with more than 500 confirmed attendees, but at 8:00AM on the morning of the event we got an email from the venue saying that due to the coronavirus threat, they can no longer host our event.

With 4.5 hours left, it seemed that the only option was to email all speakers and attendees apologizing for this unexpected turn of events and cancel the whole thing. But it took just one person to ask, is there any way to keep the event on?

This is exactly what happened to us just a few days ago and in this episode we talk about how this proactive mentality helped us figure out how to save this event, and why sometimes having your back against the wall is exactly what you need to achieve things you would otherwise think are impossible. We also discuss the importance of having a resilient team that can handle uncertainty gracefully.

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