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Episode 11: How to Network Like a Pickup Artist

Rebroadcast: Published September 11th, 2019

Original: Published March 7th, 2018

The 3 Second Rule (of not giving a sh*t) Song – The Mentors Original

Approaching and talking to strangers is not natural for everyone. But some people seem to always make new friends and connections everywhere they go. What are they doing and saying that makes them stand out?

In this episode we learn from some of the same techniques and principles in psychology that pickup artists use to meet people anywhere, and apply them to a business setting.

The biggest similarities between dating and professional networking are in the critical first moments where people often times end up getting in their own way. The outcomes of these moments depend on whether you condition your mind to frame a new relationship as doomed before it even begins, or instead as an opportunity that can change your life in ways you could never predict.

Hear our stories of how ordinary people have used some of these approaches to get life changing jobs and opportunities for their own businesses.

Listen to this episode to learn how to:

  • Overcome the initial fear of approaching someone new
  • Strike up an organic conversation with anyone
  • Talk about yourself in a way that gets people interested

Show Notes

  • 6:15 The 3 Second Rule of not giving a sh*t
  • 6:21 Second 1 - Make eye contact
  • 6:37 Second 2 - Make the approach
  • 6:38 Second 3 - Say something (anything)
  • 6:46 Getting past the mental barrier
  • 7:27 Examples of things you can open a conversation with
  • 9:00 Examples of things you can say when opening up groups
  • 9:36 You're doing others a favor by initiating the conversation
  • 9:45 How Natalee got a job by overcoming her fear
  • 12:17 What's the worst that can happen?
  • 13:00 Everyone is mostly concerned with themselves
  • 13:50 There's always someone else you can talk to
  • 14:00 Why there's zero risk in trying to talk to someone new
  • 14:20 Ideas for getting comfortable with approaching others
  • 15:00 More examples of what you can say to start a conversation
  • 17:30 Practice your personal elevator pitch
  • 17:45 People want your highlight real, not your life story
  • 18:10 Examples of how to build rapport
  • 19:48 Why you should be talking to the oldest people in the crowd
  • 20:00 How a networking event is like dating
  • 21:30 How Andrew Yang approached important people
  • 22:55 The value of peacocking
  • 26:10 Active listening and being inquisitive
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