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How Darrell Silver Of Thinkful Taught Himself How To Build Companies Part II

Being an entrepreneur means that you get to decide what you want to be an expert in each time you start a new venture. One famous example is Richard Branson, who started off running a student magazine, then a record company, followed by a successful airline and a spaceflight company. Darrell Silver made a similar move with his second company, Thinkful.

In part two of our interview we discuss why he decided to move away from enterprise tech where he successfully sold his first business into a sector that was completely unknown to him, direct to consumer education. As before he did what he knew best – created a valuable product as quickly as possible, then figured out an effective business model for it.

Darrell explains how him and his co-founder Daniel Friedman saw an opportunity to educate people interested in technology jobs soon after the 2008 financial collapse, and the impressive marketing experiments the team ran to create a revenue generating program in a few short months. Over 8 years they grew Thinkful to a recognized brand, eventually selling to Chegg for $100 Million to reach their next milestone – making tech based education accessible to more people.

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