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How To Get Motivated By Using Reframing And The Release Of Our Second Parody

This weekend we set an audacious goal for ourselves of writing, recording, and filming an entire parody music video for all of you by the time this episode was published. The only problem is that when we met to work on it, we started hitting roadblocks pretty much right away.

In this edition of The 5 Minute Pick Me Up, we discuss how we were able to use reframing to figure out why we weren’t making any progress on our work, and to change our perspective in a way that led to the most productive 12 hours we’ve had in a long time.

Please enjoy the product of our work session, our second parody titled “Friends Now”, a story about why networking is important, sang to the tune of “These Days” by Rudimental.

Music Video – “Friends Now”

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