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The Importance Of Being Yourself And The Debut Of Our First Parody Song

Most people are in a constant search for a formula for success, eager to find out how someone else was able to gain wealth or fame to see if they can do the same. But successful individuals have one thing in common. Instead of spending all of their time searching for a formula, they create their own path, focusing on what makes them unique.

In this episode we discuss the importance of being your unique and authentic self in becoming successful, and why your effort is better spent staying true to yourself rather than following someone else’s path. We tell the story of Howie Mandel and how his unique personality made him one of the most famous comedians of the 80s.

We also decided to follow our own advice this week, by doing something that we love – writing music. Listen to our parody of Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” where we sing about Episode 15 – How to Get the Attention of Important People in a song called [Important] Folks Like You.


“Folks Like You” Lyrics:

Spent 24 hours
I’ve got more outreach to do
I spent the weekend
Writing emails, to you.

We spent the late night
To get that subject line right, click it?
But now it’s all good baby
That open rate grows steady,
Will you respond?

Cuz folks like you
Will only respond if you
Have got a good reason to
The value is clear to you, yeah yeah

Folks like you
Don’t beat around the bush
That’s why i’m direct with you
Need a contact like you, yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Need a contact like you, yeah yeah

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