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From A 7-Figure Event Business To A Global Leadership Training Company, With Claudia Chan of S.H.E. Summit Part I

Before Claudia Chan was even 30 years old, she was already running a 7-Figure women’s entertainment business in New York City. How did this first time entrepreneur accomplish so much, so quickly?

It was through that own-your-own-destiny mentality that Claudia’s parents ingrained in her from a young age that she was able to have the confidence to think of herself as a born entrepreneur even as a teenager.

Always keeping her eyes open for opportunities, Claudia spotted her first business idea while working for a dot com startup in the early 2000’s, when companies were spending thousands on event and party sponsorships.

In part one of our conversation with Claudia Chan we talked about how she got to revenue with that business before even quitting her job, why she decided to partner with someone else who had an existing party business in NYC and how that led to millions in revenue in a few short years. We also discuss how she used the lessons learned from that first business to start S.H.E Globl, which puts on one of the biggest women’s empowerment summits in the world.

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