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How To Get Recognized On The Streets Of Philadelphia

We get stopped on the streets quite a lot. Not because we were secretly star child actors, or because people recognize us from the Open Mics we do around the city. It’s because we’re twins. Okay – once on an uptown bus we sat in front of two elderly women who kept starring at us, later getting up the nerve to ask us what TV show they saw us in (still wonder who they were mistaking us for) – but that’s about it.

Yesterday, as we were walking down the street to grab some lunch in Philly, we got recognized not once, but on three separate occasions. We’re here for a conference called Podcast Movement, and in this episode we detail the steps we took to get an opportunity to speak in front of over 250 people at the beginning of the conference, and how we ended up standing out from all of the other speakers to make sure that people remember us.

This week at the conference we also got to meet some incredible people like JLD of the Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast, Lewis Howes of School of Greatness, and Aaron Mahnke of Lore. We’ll tell you what we learned about attaining success and growth from each of those conversations so you can apply it to your own career and life.

Show Notes

  • 0:10 Getting recognized walking down the street to grab lunch
  • 0:30 The background story behind our trip to Philly to attend a 2,000 person conference called Podcast Movement
  • 1:00 Submitting a story to participate in an Ignite style speaking engagement
  • 1:48 We saw that all of the other presenters were pitching stories about "How-to's" that all sounded the same
  • 2:05 We decided to submit a topic that no one else could possibly do, telling our dad’s story that you heard about on our show.
  • 3:33 We started by condensing the 90 minute story in 5 minutes and 20 slides
  • 4:03 We practiced our talk in front of our friends and got some great feedback and suggestions on how to keep it tight and, well...not boring
  • 5:02 The importance of practicing as much as you can can not be overstated. We did it so many times, that we ended up crushing it on stage in front of over 250 people (10% of the conference attendees)
  • 6:05 We no longer had to worry about finding people to talk to - they came to us. If you're going to a conference, figure out your own way to stand out and get the most of it
  • 8:42 The rest of this episode was inspired by a conversation we had with Lewis Howes of School of Greatness, who told us to focus on being ourselves
  • 10:45 At a conference, it’s about making a connection, not pitching something. You can follow up and pitch something later when you’ve built more of a relationship. If you pitch something right away you will make a bad impression.
  • 11:30 To make an impression, we make it a point to talk every speakers, sitting in the front row of every event. It is better to meet them outside of a speech, but we do want to have something to ask them after a speech as long as it means we’re making an impression and building some kind of a connection.
  • 12:40 We’re also learning that there is no formula no matter how much people who are at the event are looking for one
  • 14:00 Sometimes, you just have to put in the hours
  • 15:20 Best takeaway from the creator of Lore, a podcast with 150 Million downloads, is that your content needs to be good enough that people will talk about. Word of mouth beats everything else.
  • 16:10 We’re not interested in just consuming/learning we want to actually apply what we learn - so we were motivated to change the description to our show to better communicate what we're about
  • 17:14 Our new description "No BS stories of underdog entrepreneurs, telling you exactly how they did it. Hosted by twin brothers who sound exactly the same."
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