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How Great Entrepreneurs Learn To Be Great Writers

Great business leaders come from all sorts of backgrounds but the one skill that all of them prioritize developing over time is learning how to write effectively. The reason for this is clear – as a creator you’re communicating through the written word all of the time – by writing speeches, landing page copy, job descriptions, thought-leadership content, business proposals, social media posts, etc. But how do you develop this skills if it hasn’t been a priority for you?

The best writers (and entrepreneurs) are voracious readers, so before you develop your own style you need to get into a habit of consuming the work of other writers, but the best way to get better at it yourself is to start writing every opportunity that you get.

In this episode we discuss four main tactics for becoming a better writer:

1) Write about what you know or care about

2) Get critical feedback on your writing early on

3) Pick a medium or format for your writing (like long form essays) to create constraints around the type of writing that you do

4) Make your writing public

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