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5 Minute Pick Me Up – How You Can Build Entrepreneurial Skills Through Community Work

The upcoming election on Tuesday inspired us to talk about our first ever entrepreneurial pursuit in High School that ended up teaching us many lessons that we still use when starting businesses.

As sophomores, we found out about a political debate club, Junior Statesmen of America, that taught kids how to debate real issues in congress style debates, and decided to bring it to our school. The only problem was that our principal decided not to sanction the club.

That meant that we had to learn how to raise money, how to promote the club and do everything in between all by ourselves. Little did we know that by being forced to figure out how to bring this club to our school without any support from the administration, we were doing something very entrepreneurial that would teach us how to build businesses later on.

With this episode, we hope that you decide to become a more active member in your own community, even if it’s just volunteering, because it’s guaranteed to pay off in ways that you can’t even imagine in the future.

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