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Episode 6: World Champion Dancer Olga Nesterova, from the UN to the NBA Playoffs Halftime Show

At just 13 years old Olga was selected to join the German national dance team as one of only 6 pairs nationwide, but by her early 20s after becoming a World Champion she quit dance to work for the UN Security Council.

Olga Nesterova walks us through her journey of leaving dance at the top of her game, to eventually starting and quickly growing her own dance company (ProAm Dance Team).

Since then she has expanded to multiple cities, performing at NBA and WBNA half-time shows along with her students all over the U.S.

This episode dives deep into every hurdle along the way, and the methods Olga used to work through the every day issues of running a business. You’ll see examples of how to show value right when you’re starting off to immediately differentiate your business and acquire customers organically through the process.

Whether you’re a dancer, business owner, or just someone that wants to capitalize on their own talent, this story will provide major takeaways.

Show Notes

  • 8:01 If you fail, you have to start again
  • 9:40 Realizing that dancing could be a career
  • 10:50 Studying international business in Holland
  • 13:09 Deciding to work at the UN
  • 18:00 Leaving the UN
  • 19:00 A unique style of teaching dance
  • 19:40 Getting the call to perform at the halftime show
  • 22:42 Learning the ropes of a new business
  • 27:30 Expanding to Miami
  • 28:40 Performing at the playoffs
  • 34:00 Breaking down the Pro Am industry
  • 37:00 Overcoming the many unknowns when getting started
  • 42:30 Daily routines, and operating in seasons
  • 43:50 Tackling social media, and Instagram
  • 47:30 "People will forget what you made them do, but they'll always remember how you made them feel" -Olga Nesterova
  • 53:00 The Mentors mentorship session with Olga
  • 57:00 Next steps for the ProAm Dance Company
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