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How To Turn Anyone Into An Ally

Winning people over is an art but like much of what we talk about on this show it’s a skill that can be learned by almost anyone. Yes, it can be useful in your friends and family relationships but the ability to turn an enemy into an ally is especially important in business.

In this episode we wanted to highlight the reality that some relationships aren’t frictionless and that in certain cases they can escalate to avoidance and disdain. Especially if this happens at work it can be detrimental to our other relationships, our productivity, and even our careers. Luckily there are a lot of things you can do to help mend things and turn your enemy into an ally for life.

We uncover four main methods in our conversation:

  1. The Socratic Method of getting to an agreement
  2. The importance of making someone feel heard
  3. The value of asking for small favors
  4. When to bring in an impartial yet credible third party

If you focus on moving your soured relationships forward you’ll find that you experience less stress in your life and more importantly that you and the other person are better off for it. In many cases you can actually even develop lifelong friendships with the very people that stood in your way before.

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