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How To Know If It’s Okay To Give Up On Your Idea

It seems that one of the most consistent entrepreneurial mantras is that you should never give up. But the reality is that entrepreneurs abandon ideas in favor of new ones all of the time!

In today’s 5 Minute Pick Me Up, we wanted to discuss the often ignored topic of when it’s okay to give up on an idea, and why trying something new doesn’t always mean you’re chasing a shiny object.

Some questions to ask yourself when considering giving up on an idea are:

  1. Have you really given your original idea a real chance by iterating on it?
  2. Are you still excited about the value your idea brings, or the people it serves?
  3. Do you enjoy any of the day to day of working on this idea or business?
  4. Are you in the mindset of identifying a new idea that’s worth pursuing instead?
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