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How to Get the Attention of Important People

Rebroadcast Publish Date: April 1st, 2020

Original Publish Date: April 4th, 2018

Ever wonder why someone isn’t responding to your email? Maybe you made a great connection with someone you met in person, but when you follow up with them you never hear back. Every day others are vying for our attention, but we only truly engage with those that succeed in piquing our interest.

This is especially true if you’re trying to reach someone important or busy.

We’ve been able to get the attention of some of the most incredible people in the world after refining the outreach process over many years. This has lead to incredible opportunities, like appearances on live shows, writing opportunities with major publications, mentor and investor relationships, high value customers, and much more.

Since then, we’ve taught our methods to hundreds of entrepreneurs that have gone on to build meaningful relationships themselves. Important people are just like you and I – they value positive human interaction, and get excited by new opportunities. They also appreciate working with others that they see as equals (or potential equals) and with people that truly value their time.

In this episode we walk you through several communication principles that can be applied immediately. We also walk you through specific examples of the outreach that we’ve done so that you can replicate our process and see the results for yourself. Whether you’re writing a book, working on a new business, trying to find partners, recruit new employees, or simply want to build new relationships – this episode will help you get closer to your goals.

Show Notes

  • 1:15 As an entrepreneur, half of your job is getting people to pay attention to you
  • 1:38 Examples of people we've gotten to respond
  • 4:16 The two frameworks for successful outreach
  • 4:48 Rule of thumb 1 - keep it short and direct
  • 7:04 The WHY - creating the hook for your message
  • 9:11 Your opener should be ONE sentence long
  • 10:15 The WHAT - how to convey your ask
  • 10:50 Focus on ONE ask
  • 11:25 Removing the need for a decision
  • 12:10 The HOW - creating an easy way for the person to act
  • 14:00 How to be targeted while having volume
  • 15:55 How I got Noah Kagan to respond
  • 17:17 The importance of a good subject line
  • 18:55 Creating an equal playing field
  • 19:38 Offering value from the start
  • 21:42 How we got free office space in NYC from cold emails
  • 26:00 The "Three Strikes You're Out" policy
  • 27:00 How we got Ali Riaz as a mentor
  • 30:54 The importance of getting out of your own way
  • 31:50 Good messaging can take a long time to craft
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