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Why There’s No Such Thing As A True Meritocracy

In our new weekly series at School16 we interview experts at big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Slack to find out how they’ve navigated their careers to land lucrative and dynamic roles at some of the most sought after companies in the world. In this episode we highlight what one expert who does Strategy and Operations at Twitter, noticed early on in her career when she was transitioning from consulting into tech.

In tech, as in life, there really is no such thing as a true meritocracy. Being good at what you do is table stakes, but getting the best opportunities is fundamentally a matter of:

  • Making sure you invest in relationships over time
  • Making sure your work gets noticed
  • Being willing to ask for help when needed

If you’re not seeing results from your efforts, be it entrepreneurial or career related progress, ask yourself – am I doing everything I can? Am I being as strategic and proactive as I can? People that get the best opportunities go above and beyond to position themselves for them, and that’s actually a good thing because it puts things more in your control than you may have thought.

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