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Episode 4: Sadiq Samani – From College Dropout to Successful Entrepreneur & Standup Comedian

January 11, 2018

Sadiq Samani has figured out how to run a lifestyle business as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Autoagent while pursuing his true passion, comedy, full time.

He now works 40 hours a month on his business, and performs all around the world. In this episode we walk through his whole journey, and breakdown the daily routines and habits that turned him from a 17 year old kid that hated school and spent all his time watching TV, to a successful businessman, activist, and comedian that has performed at hundreds of venues like The Improv, Laugh Factory, and Gotham Comedy Club.

You’ll hear about the steps he took to become a partner at a 10 year old company, how he books gigs when he goes on tour, and what he did to get featured on the front page of Huffington Post.

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