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Episode 5: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: See Through The Noise, with Boris Revsin

January 20, 2017

Blockchain technologies and the cryptocurrencies created on top of them are quickly becoming the fastest growing opportunity of the 21st century. The complex nature of this new paradigm and relative scarcity of expert knowledge makes it difficult to decipher accurate information from irrelevant noise.

In this episode, Boris Revsin, Boston based Founder of blockchain advisory Game Theory Group, breaks down how to accelerate your knowledge in this nascent space, and see through the noise of misinformation. Having invested in several Initial Coin Offerings personally and through a syndicate, he walks us through how he evaluates the credibility of a new blockchain company to make the smartest investment decision possible.

This podcast should not be considered as financial investment advice, but instead as the most effective way to become literate and knowledgeable in a space that will only continue to permeate our every day lives. The Mentors also dive into the similarities between conventional tech startups and blockchain startups, and the fundraising process surrounding both.

By Boris’ estimates, 98% of today’s new blockchain companies will become irrelevant in 2018. This is the year that the industry optimizes, and this is the time to grow your awareness in the space.

Show Notes

  • 13:10 How to evaluate blockchain companies
  • 17:00 Breaking down the Initial Coin Offering process
  • 24:30 Exchanges and decentralized exchanges
  • 25:20 What are smart contracts and how do they work?
  • 29:00 How running a blockchain company is similar to running a public company
  • 32:00 Finding a blockchain mentor
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